17yrs later…the punch line

17yrs later…the punch line

I think we all know parents who have given their kids cute nicknames and the majority of the nicknames won’t last longer than 2-3yrs.

When my kids were babies, I was one of those parents guilty of giving them cute little nicknames too. I called them, “My Sweet Potato” and “My Little Pumpkin Pie”.   Aaawww that’s cute.

Now that they’re older I still call them “My Sweet Potato” and “My Little Pumpkin Pie”.    Aaawww that’s cute.

So there we are, the 3 us, my 2 sons and myself sitting on the couch watching TV.  All of a sudden and from out of nowhere, my oldest son’s head turns and he gives me “the look”

Oldest Son,  “Heeeey!”

Me, “What? What’s wrong?”

Oldest Son,  “You always call us your sweet potato and pumpkin pie!”

Me, “Ya, so.”

Oldest Son, “You don’t even like sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie!”

My eyes now wide open and trying to avoid eye contact, I slowly turned my head in the opposite direction.

Both sons laughed, “Daaad!”

Me innocently, “Whaaat? I didn’t know.”

Both Sons, “Yes you did!”

Me, “Oh right, sorry, I didn’t know”.

They laughed and then the cushion fight begins!

I was going to wait until they were older before revealing the punch line.
I still call them by their nicknames and they still smile about it.

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