2000′ Between my Butt and the Ground

2000′ Between my Butt and the Ground

I had the opportunity to fly in a 2 seated airplane for the first time.  Although I don’t mind flying, this had me a little nervous.  You’d think that drinking copious amounts of caffeine would help…nope.

The seasoned pilot was Ken, and one of his many jobs is to ensure I feel comfortable and safe.  As we’re walking around the plane and making sure everything is in working order and all the rivets are in place, he explains to me that this plane is 2 yrs older than I am.  My immediate reaction, “What!?  I don’t even work properly half the time!”.  My comfort level was not rising, but I still kept an open mind…and that’s when I saw a bunch of rivets missing…around the engine!!!  I thought I was going to pass out.

Ken quickly reassured me new rivets had been put on, but moved over.  And here I thought the engineers put the rivets in the right place the first time….I asked him to check if there was an engine.

In order to get my mind off of the unimportant things planes have, we looked in the cockpit.  It was quite old but looked ok to me….and that’s when I saw the inside door handle.  You know the part that you hold onto when you’re about to crash….this one was busted.  I thought I was going to pass out.

So far so good…

Oh, the glove box wouldn’t shut and kept hitting me in the knee cap.

Ok, so now we’re in the plane and making our way to the run away.  It was really cool because I got to wear a headset.  Ken turns the communication radio on in order to speak the people in the tower.  However…. an AM radio station came on…it was playing “Hwy to Hell”….Ken pointed to his brand new backpack, “Good thing I brought my parachute”.  I wanted to pass out.

The take off was perfect…and that’s when Ken’s door opened.  So when I regained consciousness, Ken explained to me that it was perfectly fine and he had shut the door already.   I later googled “perfectly fine” and nowhere does it mention an airplane door opening in mid-air as being perfectly fine.

Ken stated that we would give me a crash course… Really Ken?  You had to say “crash”… I needed more caffeine ….

My GPS recorded the following
– The Straight Blue Line is Ken’s Flight Path
– The Circular Blue Line is my attempt to fly straight.  (Ken wanted to pass out)

All in all, it was a great experience and I learnt a lot.

Thanks Ken!


Cool Head Ken
Never seems to panic about anything.
Real great guy and friend!

Pilot Ken & Me
Pilot Ken & Me

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