” 372% of all people think I exaggerate…”

” 372% of all people think I exaggerate…”

372% of all people think I exaggerate…the rest of the population thinks I lie all the time.  If that were true, I’d be a lawyer.

I was at a coffee shop the other day when I over heard a conversation between a lawyer and his client.  It was quite boring, but what caught my attention was a comment the lawyer made.  It made me think…

Your parents used to tell you, “Always tell the truth.”  When you messed up or got into mischief, your parents would get you to tell the truth and then make you apologize for your mistake. In some cases, especially if your dad was from the old school of Hard Knox, boy were you sorry.

What are parents teaching their kids now days? Parent, “Don’t say anything! Call your lawyer!”   Really? Is that what our society has come to? What ever happened to telling the truth and apologizing for your mistakes?

What was the comment the lawyer made?  Lawyer, “It’s not about the truth.  It’s about who can tell the best story.”.  It’s pretty sad, but could this be the only truth?

Growing up I told my dad one or two….a few…..geez, a lot of stories, maaaan, he made sure I felt sorry afterwards.  That lawyer should have had my dad as a father because look how I turned out.  Ok, bad example but it made for a good story!

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