A Line to be Drawn ?

A Line to be Drawn ?

The first morningThe first night was tough.  I was already missing home.

I had pulled into a rest area off the highway, climbed into the back of the truck, looked up and saw millions of stars.

When you see such an amazing sight, several things come to mind.  How the heck did we end up on this itty bitty planet?  Are we really that insignificant in this vast universe?  Why are we here?  Is there life elsewhere?  That’s when you start to question both the religion aspect as well as the scientific aspect.

But then I started thinking about a conversation with a friend not too long ago.  On one hand, religion & science has had many great qualities and influences.  However, on the other hand, wars have been fought in the name of religion and science has brought us the nuclear bomb.

Where to you draw the line, if there is one to be drawn?

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  1. Jayson
    As time passes you will find what you are looking for…………..Then you can come home and live what you have learnt…………We will all be here for you when that time comes…….Have a great adventure…………….Live your dream………….

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