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Hi, I’m Jayson D. Ambrose, the guy behind One Canadian’s Journey which has received the honour of being featured on ehCanadaTravel.com and awarded & recognized as one of the Top 3 Canadian Travel Influencers 

I’m just one Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me and always looking for a new adventure, no matter how big or how small.  Sometimes I don’t even take a map, I go where ever the road takes me, or with a flip of coin I’m heading in totally different direction.   Whether I journey on foot, motorcycle, kayakbicycle, converted camper van, its the amazing people I’ve encountered  that never ceases to amaze  me.   Our world is filled with so many friendly beautiful souls and places, I had to share those experiences with you through this website and through my photo album – A Visual Experience.  

One Canadian's Journey, AboutI try to Inspire and Encourage others to seek out their own adventures, big or small.   There are many positive reasons, inspirations, funny and exciting stories, however I don’t just want you to read about them, I want you to experience them!   I recommend by starting off with one of the hardest stories I’ve written – I wasn’t going to share this.  and I hope it encourages you in a positive direction.   

Through this journey,  I’m excited to be sharing what I’ve learned, experienced, tips & advice, stories and  most definitely …  a few laughs along the way! 

alligator, kayak, turtleGet the most out of this website by using the Search feature, located o the right hand side.  For example, if you’re interested to  know if I have any experiences with Sharks, type the work “shark”.  Or maybe you’re interested in how I maintained good Personal Hygiene, type “hygiene” and hit enter!  All the stories on those subjects will pop up, Enjoy!  

Through my own actions I hope to inspire & encourage others to get out, explore and discover the beauty that is all around.

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IMG_0817_theAdventureThe Adventure is Not About going from Destination to Destination…
Its About Everything in Between. 

Enjoy and be Aware of Each Moment as it Brings New Discoveries
of People, Places, and of Self.

                                                – Jayson D. Ambrose

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