Alligators, Vultures, Manatees – Let’s go Swimming!

Alligators, Vultures, Manatees – Let’s go Swimming!

Blue Springs State Park, Florida

With my wonderful tour guides, David & Tracy, I had an amazing time Photographing, Kayaking and even Swimming in this beautiful clear fresh natural ground fed spring water! 

Everything about this area was exciting!  Even the squirrels where fun to watch.

Exploring on foot led us right to the action!


But I needed a closer look….time to bring out the kayaks!  Check out the baby Manatee latched onto its mother…

Still not satisfied, I needed an even closer look…..


Was being within 7 feet of this Gator close enough?


Apparently not.  Time to go swimming!

Although I didn’t see any alligators while swimming, I did have the amazing experience of 2 Manatees swimming right passed within arms reach.  It’s so weird to see these creatures that look like they should be land mammals, only have 2 flippers and fishtail.  Very cool!

Swimming under the water with fish that were as long as my leg was like swimming in a huge fish tank, so clear and beautiful.  Some fish would even let you touch them, while others kept their distance by only a foot or two.  

It was an incredible day!  Loved it!

Through my own actions I hope to inspire & encourage others to get out, explore and discover the beauty that is all around.
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