And Then The Cameras Came Out…

And Then The Cameras Came Out…

The hwy forged through rolling hills and no one could see what had happened.  Apparently a semi-truck had flipped over a few km’s / miles up the way. I have no idea how long ago the accident had occurred and there was absolutely no way anyone was going anywhere. Your only option was to turn around and head back from where you came.

A couple hundred vehicles were both in front and behind me.  From Semi’s to motorcycles, we weren’t going anywhere.  It was nothing to get worked up about because everyone was in the same situation.  As for myself, I didn’t have to be somewhere at any particular time so I was fine with it.

It was not a world disaster, but since we all had something in common, people came together enjoying themselves and making new friends. They were making the best of the situation.  After awhile it became one big Hwy picnic party! Lawn chairs, Frisbees, footballs, drinks (pop of course) food, it was everywhere and being shared among those who had nothing.  So many friendly people talking to others and making the best of it. It was the coolest thing to see and be part of.

After awhile you could see some people’s eyeballs were swimming, but there was no way they were going to be the first to take a piss in the ditch, not with a hundred people watching.  All it took was one brave soul to make the initial puddle and then it became a mad dash by several guys. It looked like a bunch guys in a potato sack race, it wasn’t pretty.

Eventually it was time for everyone to pack-up their belongings. Engines started up and vehicles were moving at a snail’s pace.  Some guys made one last pit-ditch-stop.

5 cars in front of me, a guy jumps out of the passenger’s side and makes a mad dash over the ditch and into the bushes. This poor guy, “George” was in his early 20’s and by the looks of it he was non-athletic to say the least.

When other vehicles saw him, all you heard was honking, people cheering him on and some girls were giving him whistles and cat-calls.  Poor guy was so embarrassed.  He stood in the bushes an awful long time…he had stage fright.  The vehicles were still moving slowly forward but it had created a 12 car distance behind me for poor George still trying to relieve himself.

Eventually I saw him in my rear view mirror, running trying to catch up.  People were popping their heads out of the windows, taking pictures of him running, cheering him on for a job well done.  It was like when parents are so proud of their kids when they pee in the toilet for the first time.

You could tell that George wanted to die
each and every time he heard horns, cheers, and cameras.

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