Back onto the Liquid Highway

Back onto the Liquid Highway

img_3256aHaving recovered… for the most part, it was time to get things back on track, but this time I would be joined by David Lannie of Mobile Alabama for the next couple weeks.

Also joining me for the day would be fellow local kayakers – Daniel Miller, Darwin Frison, Laura Bartlett and Phil Moon.

Leaving where I had left off in Pensacola Fl on the ICW, we paddled east bound. Eventually the 6 of us became 4, as 2 decided to head back.

img_3249aOur first stop was at Fort Pickens, a historic USA military fort that was completed in 1834 and was used up until 1947, for a total of 113 years. With my tour guides (David, Daniel & Phil), who were a wealth of knowledge, we explored the old fort and I learned a little more history, including the architecture which I find fascinating.

img_3244aJellyfish were very common to see, both in the water and washed up on the beaches. If you never touched one before, it feels like wet silicone.

Check out the starfish!
Spot the difference?


Our next stop was where Daniel and Phil would take a break and then carry on paddling to their check points, where family would be picking them up.

Check out the heat waves that caused the cool distortion in the photos of Daniel & Phil.

David and I set up camp for night …

…and in the morning this Great Blue Heron stood outside our tents.

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