Bald Eagle named George

Bald Eagle named George

This is George, the resident Bald Eagle of Port Hardy, BC.  

I first observed George upon my arrival in Port Hardy at the beginning of summer. As usual, every morning and evening throughout the summer months, George sat in his favourite tree, located on the water front, which was only 200′ from where I was staying.

It’s pretty cool to wake up, look out my bedroom window and there was George, soaking in the beauty of the morning sunrise. He also had the perfect spot overlooking the waterfront, the town, the amazing scenery that northern Vancouver Island has to offer and of course the view of the snow peeked mountains from the mainland.

As for where he goes during the day, have no idea… but George isn’t the only bald eagle in the area. There are several! Throughout the day, bald eagles are soaring through the skies and I never know which is George, but I’m sure he’s up there.

Check out George among this group of bald eagles that were on the shoreline during low tide and only 100’ from his tree – The Storyteller – Bald Eagle talks up a storm!  

Just before I would retire for bed, looking out the window, there is George… sitting on top of his tree.

More photos of George and his friends – A Visual Experience 


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