Birth Place of British Columbia

Birth Place of British Columbia

IMG_2310aFort Langley is considered the birth place of British Columbia.  

A step back into the early 1800’s makes this a really neat place to visit.  Not just the Fort, but the town’s historical value shines as you walk through the streets with quite a few antique shops.  

I really enjoy taking my time and walking through towns like this, discovering cool things, chatting with the people and making new friends.

IMG_2320aSaw these at an antique shop and the last time I was this close to pair of roller skates was in the 1980’s…. I had just wiped-out at the roller rink and was witnessing the typical braking procedure by every other kid and adult….you know, all the flaying of their arms, legs kicking up, one kid zooming off into the crash wall, kids grabbing onto the arms of other random kids and bringing em down beside you….all choreographed to music….Group participation was awesome! And we didn’t have helmets, we had hairspray! It was like wearing a bombproof tank on your head….totally indestructible!….oh, don’t get me wrong, your face would be totally messed up from a bleeding nose and a chipped tooth….looking like a donkey sucking on rhubarb…. but your hair would be fine!  Oh ya, looking cool for the ladies…

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