But, what does it all mean?

But, what does it all mean?

I’ve had a few accomplishments

…..but I’ve been asking myself…
“So what?
What does it truly mean in the grand scheme of things?”

I thought I would list off a few my accomplishments…not for bragging rights, but to ask, “So what?  What does it truly mean?”.   I have no idea… 

No particular order

1. Stone Carver – (Article written in Camrose Canadian)
2. Stone Carving Instructor 
3. Playwright (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_XQqgR77dE)
4. Portrait Artist – Several paintings in a Museum
5. Magician (Corporate / Private / Festivals, etc…)
6. Stand-up Comedian 
7.   (career)- 22yrs
8. Went back to School after 25yrs and then became a….
9 . Motorcycle Technician for Harley-Davidson
10. 1911 Avro Triplane – Built a 6′ balsa wood triplane, hanging in a Museum.
11. Motorcycle Enthusiast / Adventurer – Nomadic Motorcycle
12. Kayak Adventurer – The Great Loop
13. Photographer – A Visual Experience
14. Part-time Handsome Dude & All Around Nice Guy

When you look at all your accomplishments.  What does it all mean to you?  What should it mean?

Why am I not impressed with my accomplishments?
Why do I feel unaccomplished?

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  1. Accomplishments, for me, are all things which are in the past. I let them go, yet, I sometimes look to them to remind myself of what has been in my heart to do moving forward, to try to find a pattern of how achievements are adding to a wider foundation of what to do from here on out.

    Being 30 now, for the last couple of years I felt I had accomplished everything I wanted to do inlife since graduating high school. I felt lost and wasn’t sure what to do next. I’d lived everything but from the over-paid corporate executive to the penniless wandering nomad. Every path I thought about sounded like something I’d already done. But now, I see how all of my past experiences are working together to create what I do now, which is bringing a new sense of inspiration and mission for what I’ve always had in my heart to do.

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