Canada’s 150th – Riding Mountain National Park

Canada’s 150th – Riding Mountain National Park

The park’s town – Wasagaming, had a few events scheduled to celebrate Canada’s 150th.

Two of which had caught my attention…

The first, 89 New Canadians took the oath of citizenship. It was a ceremony that brought tears of joy to many of these new Canadians. It was a neat experience to witness and I wish them all happiness, success, and helping all Canadians to make our country a prosperous one.

The second, a roaming magician by the name of Marlowe Cochrane. When I saw his name, I had to snicker because a week prior to this we had chatted. We were going to get together for a coffee when I was in Winnipeg and catch up on old times. Neither of us knew each other would be in the park today. It was good see an old friend performing for the crowds.

Check out Marlowe’s Facebook Page

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