Capilano Suspension Bridge, BC

Capilano Suspension Bridge, BC

IMG_1592aOpened in 1889, the current bridge is 140 metres long and 70 metres above the Capilano River, which is located in North Vancouver, BC.

Having attended in the morning to avoid any possible line ups, the first thing I noticed  was with the lack movement in the bridge.  It wasn’t bouncy or swaying as I thought a suspension bridge might be, but that was due to the lack of people on it.  It wasn’t until later, when the bridge became packed with people, is when you feel all the bounciness and swaying momentum.  

There is much more to see than the suspension bridge.  The 127 years of history along with information about natures habitants are laid out for you among the display boards.    


Having crossed over, you come to a very well laid out series of paths to explore and whether you explore on the ground, along the cliff walls, or near the tree tops, there’s lots to soak in and appreciate in this beauty of a rain forrest.  

Advice…..Don’t rush, or you’ll see everything within 30 min.  Take your time, explore slowly, take lots of pictures but don’t forget to put your camera down to enjoy the moment of being there.   

Check out all the photos I took that day at
A Visual Experience –  

20160325_100723a p.s…  I had to share this one last little story…..

My friend, Jenn, (whom I’ve known since grade 7) from my hometown of Winnipeg,  Manitoba (a prairie province) was here for a few days.  

She’s only used to heights that don’t exceed Walmart parking lot speed bumps, so she was horrified and white knuckling it most of the way, but she did it!  Way to go Jenn!   

I hope to get more visits from my hometown friends, where ever I may be! 

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