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Boy With The Boot – Statue

Boy With The Boot – Statue

Boy With The Boot – Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg MB

This 300lb bronze statue has got to be one Winnipeg’s most famous little statues. It’s approximately 119 yrs old and stands in front of the English Garden located near the Zoo. You can’t miss him.

Originally, it was unveiled on July 16th 1898 in front of the old City Hall on Main St, where he stood for several years. Then he was moved in 1913 to his present location in Assiniboine Park.

More history on the Boy With The Boot – Manitoba Historical Society



Peaceful Evening Stroll on Vancouver Island – Rainbow

Peaceful Evening Stroll on Vancouver Island – Rainbow

As most of you know, I tend to get up early and go exploring.  However, every once in while I do explore during the evening and come across some beautiful sights.  This particular evening, I captured a rainbow hanging over the harbour in Port Hardy.

The next morning…. (next posting)

The Storyteller – Bald Eagle talks up a storm!

The Storyteller – Bald Eagle talks up a storm!

Growing up and during my travels, I don’t recall ever seeing 2 eagles in the same vicinity. So when I happened upon a dozen of them, WOW! That was so cool!

A couple eagles flew overhead, one sat on the nearby tree. The rest of them were 60 feet from me along the shore.

This is George, a bald eagle with lots of character. He wouldn’t stop talking. It was the funniest thing because he was also very animated with his storytelling, while the others either ignored him or shook their heads as if to say, “Ya ya George, whatever.”

Once he realized I had been taking his picture, he posed for me (picture to the left) for a few seconds before he continued with his storytelling.

See More Photos of 
George and his buddies – A Visual Experience 

Whether they’re on the beach, up in a tree or soaring through the sky, they are a remarkable sight.  Bald Eagles in Port Hardy (Vancouver Island)  are a dime-a-dozen, which is so very cool and fascinating to observe.  

I’m pretty sure this is George.  He landed in a tree, only to be chased away by a much small bird, who was relentless too, lol, poor George.

(ps… George is not his real name, he was embarrassed to have been chased by a smaller bird so he asked me not to use his real name) 


OCJ – PHOTOGRAPHY: Created just for you!

OCJ – PHOTOGRAPHY: Created just for you!

Due to popular demand, I created a Sharing photography website!

Interested in Photography?
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was created just for you!


OCJ – PHOTOGRAPHY focuses on helping you with your photography.
Whether you’re a beginner or master of the camera, there’s something for everyone to learn new skills,

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Go to OCJ – PHOTOGRAPHY to learn more
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You’re Planning WHAT!?

You’re Planning WHAT!?

Fortune Cookie from last night…it’s like it knows….ooooh erie

The reason for my lack of weekly blogging adventures lately has to do with Planning and Preparing of my upcoming adventure, which is scheduled to begin in less than one month from now.

I’m taking up the challenge of living out my kayak for up to 15 months as I circumnavigate The Great Loop!  Read more about this journey I’m going on right here – OCJ – The Great Loop 

I’m going to hell for that comment

I’m going to hell for that comment

IMG_0759aBefore I tell you what happened and what I said…..Let me back up a little with this…

While out exploring a few months ago during a cloudy foggy day, I noticed a steeple up on a hilltop in the distance.  I zoomed in and was able to capture this photo.  

It wasn’t until recently I learned more about the image I had captured.

This is the Westminster Abbey Seminary of Christ the King, located in Mission BC, built in 1953.  It wasn’t until 1954 when the monks began living there.  

Stepping into the main chapel was a little erie, but really neat at the same time because along with a friend, we were the only 2 in there.  Even our light whispering echoed throughout.

While attempting to capture a couple photos of the nearby flowers at eye  level, a butterfly landed on the flowers I had focused on.  Perfect timing!  It wasn’t until later when I noticed in the photo that I had actually captured another little creature.  Can you spot it?


On the grounds of the monastery….

Ok, so here’s what happened…..

A woman approached and asked for a little information on the path I had just come from.  She was very excited to be here because she was scouting out photo opportunities for her first wedding photo shoot that was coming up in a couple weeks.  She also mentioned she’s an Animal Portrait Photographer, so this wedding opportunity was quite exciting for her.

Well, I innocently and humbling commented, “Geez, how ugly is the wedding party that they had to hire an Animal Portrait Photographer?” 

I said it, you laughed….geez, we’re all going to hell for that comment. 😉

Quoting Others

Quoting Others

Earlier today, I was reading a website and on it, it had lots of “quotes” from various people.

I knew someone that would use quotes all day long, it drove me up the wall.  So I wrote a quote just for them.  The “quote” I wrote is “He who quotes lacks true knowledge”. Meaning…you can quote all you want, but without life experiences, you are lacking true knowledge.

What do you think?  

Compound Bow vs. Male Ego…. Place Your Bets!

Compound Bow vs. Male Ego…. Place Your Bets!

My friend George was pretty excited to show me his new compound bow and even more excited to let me try it because I’m pretty sure he’s out to get me killed for all the….ummm…..”life lessons”…. I have played….err….taught him.

Not having tried a compound bow, he thought it would be in my best interest to let me know the bow was set up for his arms.  Huh?  What the heck does that mean?  Doesn’t matter, I saw Marvel’s super hero “Arrow” use one in a movie once.   You point the arrow, pull the string and let it rip! Geez…how hard could it be?  Give me that thing, I know what I’m doing!

I pulled the string, pointed the arrow and let it rip!  Holy Crap!  The string ripped alright!  Right against my forearm!  The arrow went flying ……definitely not in the direction I had intended.  And I went to the ground in pain!

The string had ripped passed my forearm, causing a rope burn abrasion, tearing up a tattoo.  Now that my arm is healed, you can see where part of the tattoo is missing…..

Bow vs EgoSo what did George mean it was set up for his arms?  George’s arms are like an Olympic Row Boat’s Oars….. ya, skinny and 30 feet long.  So the string is extra long so he can use the full length of his arms to stretch that string.  My arms are no where near paddle oars……they are more masculine than that.  So I had to pull the string extra further….causing me to stretch out…making the string inevitably side swiping my forearm.

Ok, it’s only the size of a dime….. but now, I’m forever damage goods….sigh

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