Taking Chivalry to New Heights…

Taking Chivalry to New Heights…

“the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight” or “ a gallant knight or gentleman”

Sitting at the airport waiting to catch my plane, I noticed a guy in his late 30’s standing off to the side with a bouquet of flowers. I had a funny feeling they weren’t for me.  I wanted to go up to the guy and make it seem I knew him, full of excitement, a long lost friend from the past, give him a hug, and not let him get in a word. But the better part of me held me back…

He was the only guy with flowers, which tells me he’s not married. I’m sure the ladies out there would agree that married men tend to lose their chivalry. The males out there are saying it would still be there if she had any type of sex drive.

Ladies, “I would if you’d buy me flowers once in awhile.”
Guys, “I would if you put-out more often.”

Ladies, “I would if you helped around the house once in awhile.”
Guys, “I would if you put-out more often.”

Ladies, “I would if you didn’t complain about going to my mother’s every time.”
Guys, “I wouldn’t if you … oh forget it, you win that one.”

Holy crap! I sound like I’ve been there… I’ve got to see my therapist. I would if she put-out more often.

Being a romantic myself (why are you laughing?) I bring chivalry to new and exciting heights…

Jayson is seen running on the runway chasing the plane as its landing in order to present the woman of his dreams with a HUGE bouquet of flowers.

Wow, look at him run! (because security is chasing him)  Security tackles him and gives him the “ground and pound” tactics.  He explains the situation and one security points to the sky…”She’s on that one.”.  Drats, wrong plane.   The bouquet is ruined but Jayson tries to salvage as much as possible.

Eventually the correct plane lands and Jayson is now able to give her the….ummm…a twig. He thinks fast and comes up with the brilliant idea of taking her to 7-11 for a slurpee for a good old fashion brain freeze (Brain Freeze, I’m such a romantic).

She thinks to herself, “This is the man for me!”…the brain freeze was affecting her judgment but Jayson is ok with that because maybe she’ll put-out.

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