Choose a Direction over a Destination

Choose a Direction over a Destination

Try something out of the ordinary 

Explore a Direction over a Destination
Explore a Direction over a Destination

Create Your Own Adventure
Basic Tips that Work

STEP 1Pack Appropriately and don’t forget your camera!

STEP 2How to Choose a Direction – Try one of these options!

Option #1 – If you want to travel south….go! Don’t decide anything else, just go!  (I’ve done this with my motorcycle – Nomadic Motorcycle Adventure

Option #2 – Flip a Coin! Once you have packed your vehicle, flip a coin! Heads – head south, Tails – head north…..or….. Heads – head west, Tails – head east. (I’ve done this and it took me around The Great Lakes in Canada and USA. Loved it!)

STEP 3How to Explore

1. Choose roads that you are not familiar with or have not traveled.  Keep your speed below the speed limit

2. If you come across something that catches your eye, stop! Turn around if you have to. Go check it it out! That’s all part of the adventure.

3. In the back of your mind, tell yourself, “The next town I come to, I’m going to stop at the 1st Mom & Pop Diner, Historical Sight, Gift Shop you come across. It doesn’t have to be the 1st, make it the 3rd…or 4th.

4. Ask the locals where the best sights, roads, diners, campsites, hotels, farmer market’s, festivals and places to explore. Locals love to share their knowledge of their area, so take advantage it.

5. Where do you meet Locals? Gas stations are the most common place, but far from the only place. Go up to someone, anywhere, and just ask. You’ll be surprised what you learn.

6. Stop at Information Centres, not for the maps (unless you really have to) but to ask the staff where all the best places are located. They are usually versed in tremendous amount of knowledge and ask if they have coupons for dinners, hotels, tours, etc…. they usually do!

STEP 4Where to Stay
1. About an hour or two before the sun sets, start keeping an eye out for campgrounds, or free camp. They are everywhere, so don’t panic.

2. If you’re going to hotel it, the cheapest hotels I’ve found have been in small towns. If you’re in larger cities, find hotels that have large casinos, they are often cheap too.

3. The other option, but you have to do it appropriately. Only approach the person who you think is the head of the household of a residence, while they are outside. If you don’t see anyone, don’t go up knocking on their door, don’t do it.   

Keys points to remember: SMILE, be FRIENDLY, introduce yourself and INFORM them that you are ONLY PASSING THROUGH. Then ask if they would mind if you set up your tent in their yard for the night. Those keys points shows that you’re friendly, respectful and not a squatter. 

Final Thoughts – For your adventure, this is not a race and you are in no hurry to get anywhere, so travel slower, keep your eyes open and enjoy the ride! By doing so, you will come across some amazing sights, places and people!


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