Cloverdale BC – While you were sleeping

Cloverdale BC – While you were sleeping

Hey Cloverdale!  While you were sleeping, I took to the streets to enjoy the early morning  peacefulness and sunrise.

From the morning dew drops on the flowers to the sun rays evaporating the dew off this dark wood trellis.  Yup, this wood is not on fire, its the morning dew that is steaming from the early morning sun rays.

There was a time, in the not so distant past, when you’d see a public pay phone on every street corner, gas station, and Mom & Pop Convenience Store.  It brought back memories of a time when 25 cents was worth something (More about this in the next blog!)  

It was nice to see this rare sight and it definitely adds to the character of Cloverdale. 

More photos from this morning – A Visual Experience 

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