Compound Bow vs. Male Ego…. Place Your Bets!

Compound Bow vs. Male Ego…. Place Your Bets!

My friend George was pretty excited to show me his new compound bow and even more excited to let me try it because I’m pretty sure he’s out to get me killed for all the….ummm…..”life lessons”…. I have played….err….taught him.

Not having tried a compound bow, he thought it would be in my best interest to let me know the bow was set up for his arms.  Huh?  What the heck does that mean?  Doesn’t matter, I saw Marvel’s super hero “Arrow” use one in a movie once.   You point the arrow, pull the string and let it rip! Geez…how hard could it be?  Give me that thing, I know what I’m doing!

I pulled the string, pointed the arrow and let it rip!  Holy Crap!  The string ripped alright!  Right against my forearm!  The arrow went flying ……definitely not in the direction I had intended.  And I went to the ground in pain!

The string had ripped passed my forearm, causing a rope burn abrasion, tearing up a tattoo.  Now that my arm is healed, you can see where part of the tattoo is missing…..

Bow vs EgoSo what did George mean it was set up for his arms?  George’s arms are like an Olympic Row Boat’s Oars….. ya, skinny and 30 feet long.  So the string is extra long so he can use the full length of his arms to stretch that string.  My arms are no where near paddle oars……they are more masculine than that.  So I had to pull the string extra further….causing me to stretch out…making the string inevitably side swiping my forearm.

Ok, it’s only the size of a dime….. but now, I’m forever damage goods….sigh

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