Cruise Ship makes a rare appearance in Port Hardy

Cruise Ship makes a rare appearance in Port Hardy

When something unusual happens in the a quiet little town of 4000 people along the the north east side of Vancouver island, people are quick to find out.

Early during the day, I had asked a friend if by chance any cruise ships have entered into the harbour. Unfortunately, the only time a cruise ship makes a stop here is for a medical emergency, either for staff or their customers. So its very rare for a cruise ship to end up in Port Hardy. 

Well, later that day, guess what shows up in the harbour? A cruise ship had to make a medical emergency stop for one of its customers. The coast guard escorted the cruise ship’s tender to the awaiting ambulance.

Even with the “action” going on, it was neat to observe a Cruise Ship in this quaint little town’s harbour.

The ship’s tenders are kept in the middle of the ship and lowered by the crane…

Once the ambulance left with the patient, it wasn’t much longer when the Cruise Ship continued on it’s way…

More Photos from today – A Visual Experience 

side note:  It was very cool to see that the local newspaper – North Island Gazette  had used a couple of my photos from this incident in their articles.  

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