De Ja Vue? Worm Hole? Time Warp? Geez…

De Ja Vue? Worm Hole? Time Warp? Geez…

As you’re traveling on Hwy 3 between Hope BC and Lethbridge AB, you’ll notice that its a slow drive but a very beautiful scenic route that passes through several character towns. This section is 997 km and has definitely made it onto My Top Favourite Routes to Drive.

So here’s what happened…

As I continued to soak in and observe my surroundings, a highway sign indicated that the town of Moyie BC was coming up. Good to know.

Not paying much more attention, other than knowing I was entering Moyie, I continued my way through the small town.

Once out of the Moyie and still driving eastbound, I was enjoying the views and that’s when I came across a highway sign, indicating that Moyie was 2 km ahead.

Huh?! Did I not just pass that sign awhile ago? Did I not just drive through Moyie? Did I somehow get turned around? But I haven’t made any turns? What the heck?

My mind was racing for an explanation because I just couldn’t figure it out. And who would believe me? De Ja Vue? Worm Hole? Time Warp?

Now my eyes and attention are totally focused on “Moyie”, looking for other similarities that I had seen.

As I entered Moyie, another sign stated, “Historic Moyie”. Geez… This small town I had just entered was the original Moyie.

Sigh…. That was 2 km of my life’s reality being questioned.

So if you’re driving down Hwy 3, you’ll come across Moyie…you’ll come across Moyie…. again.

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