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A couple months ago, when I had learned about ehCanadaTravel, I submitted a few  stories and photos to share with their readers because I encourage others to go out and experience the beauty that is Canada.   

What is ehCanadaTravel?

It’s Canada’s largest independent 100% Canadian online travel source spanning from coast-to-coast-to-coast, which is run by 2 brothers, Greg & Colin Girard.    On a side note: I did manage to personally speak with them and we had a great conversation about travelling in Canada.

ehCanadaTravel’s website features independent information which is gathered through their readers who are everyday people who want to share their travel experiences in Canada, with the rest of Canada and the world.

Here’s why you should checkout

One Canadian’s Journey’s preferred method of information gathering has always been through contacting the locals of the communities because they are a better source for independent knowledge and information.

So if your planning any type of travel or looking for travel ideas, go to where you’ll get those independent tips, advice, and recommendations from ordinary everyday people throughout the entire country who have first hand knowledge.

This is an excellent source of first hand independent knowledge!

As a result of One Canadian’s Journey continued efforts to share stories with readership, it’s with great honour and excitement that a few of  One Canadian’s Journey photographs are being featured on their website’s home page.    

Then there was more great news…

One Canadian’s Journey has been mentioned in 3 out of 5 categories on‘s “Top 3 Canadian Travel Influencers” for the month of December 2016

The categories are:

  1. Top 3 Canadian Travel Influencers
  2. Top New Content
  3. Top Photos
  4. Top Videos
  5. Top Stories

Check out the other individuals who made it onto the lists, because they have shared
some amazing Canadian content!

View them at ehCanadaTravel’s Newsletter: Jan 2017

Congratulations to ALL the contributors! 
Awesome job!

Through my own actions I hope to inspire & encourage others to get out, explore and discover the beauty that is all around.

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