Emotionally, what to expect

Emotionally, what to expect

Solo Travelling…

The excitement and anticipation will kill you! Not really, but its very exciting knowing that the date to leave is just around the corner. You become consumed because it’s all you dream about. It sucks waiting for that day.

When the day comes to leave, the feelings of …ummm…for the lack of of a better term….”apprehension” sets in, which is totally weird because you spent the last few months planning, dreaming with excitement and not wanting to wait any longer. You want to go now! So where the heck did apprehension come from? It’s like you don’t want to go…..geez…now you’re obligated to go because everyone is watching you, lol. But why does that occur?! Apparently this is a common occurrence among many. However, I found that by the next day I was already submersed into the adventure. All those previous “apprehensive” feelings are totally gone! It’s like they never existed in the first place.

Robin-WilliamsDo I ever feel lonely?  Yes, of course, but those feelings tend to pop up when I lay my head down at night.  It sucks because I have no one to share the beautiful memories I had experienced throughout the day.  I believe everyone, including myself, wants to have that special person in their life to share the journey and have their family with them. 

I can relate to what Robin Williams once said… (see quote to the right

The bottom line is this…. I can sit at home and not experience life, or I can go out and have some amazing adventures, with the hope that I’ll eventually meet someone special.  Having said all that, keep the following in mind… 

*** Solo travellers tend to meet a lot of people!  I’ve met so many wonderful people that I have formed great friendships.  I rarely feel alone because I’m too concentrated on enjoying the explorations, the sights, food, cultures, meeting and greeting others.  

Do I ever get home sick?   This is tough question because I don’t necessarily miss “home”, what I do tend to miss is the people who are important me.  

Skype and Social Media does help to ease those feelings.  It also makes it easier when my friends and family say, “Don’t come back, we never liked you anyway….errr….enjoy yourself while you can!“. ..lol….  That’s actually an important statement to remember.  No, not the first part of it, the second part of the statement.  Your family and friends want you to enjoy yourself while you can.  One day, you may not be able to.

Although those were legitimate questions and concerns, you have to keep in mind those feelings are not necessary on the forefront of your thoughts because of everything that is happening around you in the present tense.   You are immersed in exploring, sight seeing and concentrating on so much around you.

On a final note….. I wish the people I think about everyday were with me, everyday.

“Live for Today because You were Never Promised Tomorrow.” 


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