Finding Ways to Live and Travel Cheap – The Camper Van Conversion

Finding Ways to Live and Travel Cheap – The Camper Van Conversion

I’m always dreaming and looking for ways to be creative, live & travel cheap.

For now, let’s figure out the How to Build a  Camper Van Conversion, Cheap!

Here’s what I discovered along the journey…

I was doing research into camper van conversions, particularly by those who actually use theirs on a regular basis. I will say, there are tons of people doing it, not just in Canada, but throughout the entire world. Lot’s of information, ideas and experiences out there to be discovered!  You can always start by looking at what others have done through Pinterest

If you do plan on looking further into it, you’ll be bombarded with TONS of options: Campers, Pull-behinds, Vans, Cube Vans, Panel Vans, Mini to Full size School Bus Conversions, RV’s, Tear-drop trailers, Gypsy Style Wagons,  etc… (too many to list) There are many beautifully well done conversions out there.

People are not only using their van conversions for camping & holidays. In reality, I’ve discovered people living full-time out of their vehicles throughout Canada, USA, and Worldwide. Some live out their vehicle by choice, financial reasons, or just to be able to travel long term. There are some very creative and ingenious ways of doing so.  Also, if you live in BC or any other major city that is financially suppressing its people… Believe it or not, you have probably drove passed a “Stealth Camper” without realizing it, but that’s a topic for another day.

Let’s get back to the Cheap camper van conversion build…

Start off with this in mind – “Experiences over Possessions”, “Wants vs. Needs” and “Spend Less to Do More!”.  This camper van conversion build definitely demonstrates those mantras. Obviously my needs and wants are different than yours, however, maybe this will get you thinking in a direction that is right for you.

I had been watching Craig’s List and other similar websites for a good used van that I could convert into a makeshift camper van. It took a few months of patients but I found one….  

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Travel Cheap – The Camper Van Conversion

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  1. If you haven’t read it already – ‘Travels with Charlie’ by John Steinbeck. Too late to suggest a camper back like his – ideal for a single traveller who might want to park the ‘house’ from time to time. Custom shop did a Chev van with U-shaped bench with spare tire under mid-section at the back. Or mid section could come out for storage or a motorcycle. wE travelled for 6 weeks max – with motel for things like flash flood in Texas. We stayed in campgrounds or farm yards because we had a table/bed and large storage with ice fridge but no plumbing so ghosting was out! But unlike motorhomes, we could park on the beach or stay in campgrounds back with the deer and rabbits.

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