Fraser Valley Rose Farm

Fraser Valley Rose Farm

IMG_2566aLocated in Deroche BC,  this was a neat little place to visit.  

It’s a very well laid out design so you can go on a self guided tour around the farm of plants and flowers!  

I met the owner, Jason, who provided a quick run down of his rose farm.  Very friendly guy, along with his family who were all eager to show, talk about & point the way around their little piece of heaven.  

Lots of amazing colors to see!   Go check it out and be sure to say hi to Jason and his family!

More photos from this little adventure can be viewed at
A Visual Experience – 


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  1. you are so talented. How you take simple things and capture an image that makes it so special. Thank you so much for sharing your photos of our farm. I will be sure to stop and look at things a little more closely from now on–especially when I am out working around the farm.

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