French Immigrant Learns Valuable Lesson in Canada

French Immigrant Learns Valuable Lesson in Canada

Let me introduce you to Tarek, a super friendly guy, so I had thought, from France. He arrived in Quebec a couple years ago to do his university studies and once the school year was out, he hopped on his bicycle and peddled from Quebec to Victoria….where he would learn a valuable lesson.

See, I had met Tarek (and his girlfriend Lily, also from France) in Port Hardy – Northern Vancouver Island, where they were staying at the local hostel – North Coast Trail Backpacker Hostel

With the usual smile on his face, Tarek challenged me to a friendly game of ping-pong, a game I happened to be very familiar with, but I wasn’t going to let him know that. It was my little secret. 

We rallied the ball a few times and I noticed that he was actually pretty good which caught me a little off guard. It was time to forget the rally and get right to the games.

It was going quite well, but I could tell he was holding back, so I pushed the limit a little and turned up the heat to see what he could do….

Well, he took this position…. and for some reason he thought it would be in his best interest to completely destroy me!  Geez…I liked it better when he was holding back.

See, when you first look at Tarek, it’s not as if his looks scream, “Ping-pong Champion of the World!”.  It’s a little deceiving on his part, wouldn’t you say? 

We shared stories, a few laughs …. I tried cheating, err, switching to a bigger paddle, but he was relentless and kept smashing me.  Ya, he was kinda rude that way.  

Oh!, out of the goodness of my heart, I was even going to allow him to switch his paddle ….. for a teaspoon.  I know, I know, the kindness of Canadian’s will never cease to amaze.

After a few games (numbers are not important at this point (more then 10) as to how may he actually beat me) and by the end of the French vs. Canada Ping-Pong Championships… I asked Tarek if he learnt his lesson yet.  He laughed and asked in his obviously deceptive French pretentious accent, “What lesson is that?”

Let’s just say that as result of his pure evil deceptive ways….. I called… errr, I mean, immigration was notified.  People like him need to be taught a lesson because let’s face it… ping-pong today, the world tomorrow!  There’s no telling what he’ll do!

In all seriousness, Tarek & Lily are a super friendly young couple from France that have hopes and dreams like everyone else. It was an honour getting to know them.  I wish them nothing but happiness and good luck on their journey!



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