Fresh Fish Feast: Feeling Full – Fly Low!

Fresh Fish Feast: Feeling Full – Fly Low!

Eagle on Top, Tourists on Bottom

On the North Eastern Shores of Vancouver Island along Port Hardy’s Waterfront…

It’s hard not to notice a group of 8 bald eagles (adults & juveniles) making a fuss at opposite end the of the waterfront’s walkway. It was quite obvious they weren’t too shy about it either because they attracted the attention of tourists & residents in the area.

It all had to do with one dominant Bald Eagle who was enjoying a Fresh Fish Feast (say that 10 times really fast) and wasn’t about to share until he had his fill.

Most of the photos were taken within 50 – 60 feet of them, which was really cool to see just how big these bird are, including their talons.

One of the juvenile bald eagles stood by, patiently waiting for his turn…

Eventually the dominant eagle took off, but I think he was feeling a little fun and too get any height off the ground…

More photo from this Fish Feast – A Visual Experience


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