The Meaning of Life? Golf vs. Lawn Darts….they banned the wrong one!

The Meaning of Life? Golf vs. Lawn Darts….they banned the wrong one!

Lawn Darts!
A Family Game!

Who’s family were they talking about?!
I come from a family of 4 brothers!  Need I say anymore?

When Lawn Darts was banned from being sold it caused a lot of anxiety, boredom, and depression. Life was never going to be the same and for years people didn’t know what to do with their free time.

It became a time of desperation. It was so bad that people had to resort to taking up golf, in secret. Eventually it became accepted as a past-time, some even went as far as to call it a sport.  It’s 2011 and they still think it’s a sport…these are the same people that think bag-pipes are a musical instrument too.  (more on that topic in my next blog)

Lawn Darts is played with 4 large darts with metal tips that are very dull, but it will stick into the ground. You stand at one end of the very small playing area and lob a dart to the other end of the very small playing area hoping the dart lands within the hoola-hoop.  Hoola-hoop…its two games in one! It’s also very affordable.

Golf is played on a very large playing field with several metal clubs (weapons).  Not one club, but many! You smack a ball as hard as you can with a velocity that’ll kill someone if it ricocheted off a tree. The ball also travels a tremendous distance with very little control and when it lands it bounces!  That’s dangerous!

For many golfers, they can’t seem to get enough of it.  It’s like a drug!  They even wake up as early as possible just to get their hit! When it consumes your life and that’s all you think and talk about….you need serious intervention.

The cost of the game is crazy expensive.  If you’re paying for clubs, balls, green fees (and this is just the basics) it’s going to cost you a few bucks just to hit a ball as few times as possible…That’ financially irresponsible!  If it was me, I’m hitting that ball as many times as possible to get my money’s worth.

Golf – Dangerous, A Drug, Financially Irresponsible

Lawn Darts should be played on a Golf Course

Glow-in-the-Dark Lawn Darts…now that would be sport!

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