Granville Island in Vancouver, BC

Granville Island in Vancouver, BC

Granville Island….its history dates back to 1886, where it’s seen its fair share of Up’s and Down’s, which included land disputes, fires, successful and not-so successful saw mills, squatters, a typhoid scare, murder, and more.  More on the history here – Granville Island History     

Granville IslandHowever, today’s Granville Island is
a thriving Market Place

Filled with Arts & Culture, Food Markets, Events, Entertainment, Waterfront Restaurants, Theatres, Galleries, Studios, Unique Shops, and of course…Cafes.  Granville Island Website   

It reminded of a place in my hometown of Winnipeg Manitoba called The Forks.  It’s a place that I really enjoyed and now I get to enjoy a similar place with it’s own unique qualities…Granville Island.

Something about food markets, unique gift shops, cafes, and buskers that make it very inviting and enjoyable…Loved it!

If you get a chance, drop in and check out  John Nutter’s Glass Studio , which I find this particular artistic expressions fascinating.  Everyone has a story and speaking with John was no different.  It was a nice feeling to connect with a someone who was originally from my home town.  I didn’t take any photos, which I regret, but for good reason…. I couldn’t do his creations any justice with photos, you have to see them in person.   Thanks for taking the time to speak and share a few stories with me John!  

IMG_2059a copy

More photos from that day – A Visual Experience  

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