Horses can read!?

Horses can read!?

Hanging out at a Horse Ranch,  loved it!

Mountain view Ranch near Mission, BC
Mountainview Ranch near Mission, BC

Seeing and being around these magnificent creatures was amazing! I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous at first because, well, I was raised in the city and never had many opportunities to hangout, chill and converse with creatures this big.

IMG_1273aAt one point, I was thinking, “What if one of these horses decided to lunge at me, like an attack dog!” That’s when I looked over and observed a sign on the door that read, “No Lunging”.  Coincidence!? I don’t think so!  I was also in awe because I had no idea horses could read!  Liz, one of the ranch owners had to explain to me what “lunging” meant in ranch terminology. It had nothing to do with what I had thought, thank goodness.

One of the horses was only 2 feet from me when it accidentally touched an electric fence.   Holy Crap!  It jumped up and back like a thousand pound cat!  Ugh….I had to check if I soiled my shorts!  Geez….

 I’ve always known it in the back of my head that these beautiful creatures can be very friendly, but until experiencing it first hand… was awesome! 

Lucy and I

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  1. Any time spent around horses is special. They’re such powerful and charismatic animals. My daughter has a horse called Merlin, a big magnificent costly beast! She’s taught him how to smile, but not read! Glad you had the chance to enjoy them. Great photos.

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