Hot Showers Every Day! Living out of a Vehicle

Hot Showers Every Day! Living out of a Vehicle

I had to pass this information onto you because I thought it was a brilliant idea…

There’s a guy in the USA who has been living out of the van for the past few years.  He’s gone and purchased a Gym Membership from 2 of the biggest national fitness chains who have gyms in almost all major cities.

He’s found that he needed two memberships from the 2 separate gyms because each establishment doesn’t always have their gym in the city he is visiting. But he always able to find one or the other, not only allowing him to have a hot shower whenever he wants, but he gets full use the gym, track, swimming pools, sauna and other benefits…. while traveling!  

He’s worked out his “costs of living” and according to him, both memberships have more than paid for themselves in benefits in just a little over 3 months.

Great idea on his part!

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