How will you live the last Half ? . . .

How will you live the last Half ? . . .

My mom was one of seven kids growing up in a small house with next to nil.  My grandfather passed away in his 40’s and my grandmother who was a housewife had no income whatsoever.  Life was not easy for my mom.

When she graduated from high school she went right to work, working part-time, got married and had four sons.

We didn’t have a lot of money, but we made do.  Eventually, as my siblings and I were establishing our own lives, our mom was able to put a little money away into a saving account for retirement.

She was slim, always eating properly, and walked everywhere; even in the winter!  She had done all the right things you hear about. . . but she never made it to retirement.

Cancer claimed it’s next victim.  She passed away at the age of 54yrs.

54yrs old, which meant at the age of 27…her life was half over.
If you knew that your life was half over at 27yrs (or any age for that matter)

. . . How would you live the next half ?

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