I’m going to hell for that comment

I’m going to hell for that comment

IMG_0759aBefore I tell you what happened and what I said…..Let me back up a little with this…

While out exploring a few months ago during a cloudy foggy day, I noticed a steeple up on a hilltop in the distance.  I zoomed in and was able to capture this photo.  

It wasn’t until recently I learned more about the image I had captured.

This is the Westminster Abbey Seminary of Christ the King, located in Mission BC, built in 1953.  It wasn’t until 1954 when the monks began living there.  

Stepping into the main chapel was a little erie, but really neat at the same time because along with a friend, we were the only 2 in there.  Even our light whispering echoed throughout.

While attempting to capture a couple photos of the nearby flowers at eye  level, a butterfly landed on the flowers I had focused on.  Perfect timing!  It wasn’t until later when I noticed in the photo that I had actually captured another little creature.  Can you spot it?


On the grounds of the monastery….

Ok, so here’s what happened…..

A woman approached and asked for a little information on the path I had just come from.  She was very excited to be here because she was scouting out photo opportunities for her first wedding photo shoot that was coming up in a couple weeks.  She also mentioned she’s an Animal Portrait Photographer, so this wedding opportunity was quite exciting for her.

Well, I innocently and humbling commented, “Geez, how ugly is the wedding party that they had to hire an Animal Portrait Photographer?” 

I said it, you laughed….geez, we’re all going to hell for that comment. 😉

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