I’m No Biker

I’m No Biker

I’m no “biker”, nor do I lead a “biker lifestyle”.

I ride a Harley everywhere I go, wear a helmet, leather vest, and other apparel that could suggest I’m I biker.  Do I look like a biker? I suppose.  Am I trying to pose as one?  Does my image look intimidating or threatening? Do I look like I mean business?  Personally……nope.   Did I mention that I happen work on Harley’s everyday.  Oh crap, I’m a biker!  

Hmmm…. I don’t think so. So, who am I?  I’m just a guy who enjoys motorcycles and the freedom they bring.  Nothing more.

I don’t drink beer or wine.  I don’t smoke.  I don’t do drugs, including pot.  And to answer the most common response that I get, “Really? You don’t drink?”.  I know, hard to believe.  It’s not like one day I made a personal decision not to drink beer or wine.  It all has to do with taste buds.  I don’t like the taste of it. 

As for marihuana…..man, that stuff stinks.  It’s not a pleasant smell at all.   I really hope they don’t legalize it for recreational use.  Ya, ya, I heard all the arguments “for” and “against”…..but what it comes down to…..Our society has proven that we can’t even handle alcohol.  Legalizing another brain alternating chemical will just add more problems to our society.  There is no way our society is ready for this.

Geez….that went a little off topic.  Am I a biker?  Maybe I’m a new type of “biker”?  Doesn’t matter, I’m really just a guy who enjoys the freedom it brings and hope others accept me for my personality and not judge me for the spine protecting leather vest I wear.  

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  1. Anyone that rides on two wheels is a biker at heart. For me that includes bicycles. Anyone that chooses to ride on the rode in a cage less machine deserves my respect. Its funny to me how bikers don’t seem to give the respect out to bicyclist braving the roadways. That was a bit of a tangent as well.

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