A Little Mishap

A Little Mishap


I knew something was wrong
when I stopped sweating…

What’s A little Dehydration and Heat Stroke to add to the adventure?

Since 7:00am, I was enjoying the moments and the excitement of exploring somewhere new. A few of the things I had seen throughout the day were the magnificent dolphins and jellyfish swimming by, the white sandy beaches, as well as seeing the very fast & loud fighter jets flying in formation.

With a smile on my face, I wasn’t really paying attention to the long hours spent paddling in 92-94 degree fahrenheit with a humidity you could bottle, while under a relentless sun. It was a learning experience that knocked me down, but not out. No matter how much water and gatorade I consumed, it still kicked my butt.

It was roughly 5:00pm when I had observed and approached another kayaker, who assisted with getting me medical attention from the Naval Air Station Base in Pensacola FL.

After my little hospital stay, I ended up at a hotel with no phone and only the clothes I was wearing, my water shoes, wallet & passport. So there I was … in a dive of a hotel with the only one itty-bitty hotel bar of soap that would have to wash me and the clothes I had on.

I was able to connect with other kayakers in the area, who had assisted me greatly, and it was very much appreciated.

After a short stay in Pensacola, I flew back to Canada to recover from a couple issues it had caused, however, there is no way I wanted to end this adventure. I’m living life and enjoying the moments. I just have to play it smarter. No worries, it’s all good!

I’ve already returned backed to the water and continued where I had left off! – The Great Loop

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