Lumberjack Games with a touch of Humour

Lumberjack Games with a touch of Humour

The Lumberjack Games in Port McNeill – Vancouver Island BC, occurs at the beginning of June and with approx 20 events for the participants to compete in, it makes for a lot of firewood by the end of the day.

The 2 most notable features that immediately catch your attention… the smell of fresh cut wood, (although some don’t look like it)  these ladies and gents are powerhouses!

This is the starting position of the participant who must wait for the “Go!” and by the end of it…. a little souvenir for me! 

I missed out on 1/2 of the games due to rain and time.  I would have loved to have seen the axe throwing….apparently they ask for volunteers to hold the apple.  And apparently there are a few men & women who enthusiastically jump up and down to volunteer…. their ex’s…   Lol, nice!  Bringing people together 🙂 

More photos from today – A Visual Experience

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