Man vs. Woman

Man vs. Woman

By no means is this post about competition between the sexes.
It’s an observation.
  As I have read many traveller’s blogs, there seems to be a commonality that you might find interesting.

manvswomanHere it is…..There sure are a lot of Female Solo Travellers blogging about their adventures and world travels and I’m not talking about 1 or 2 week get-a-ways. These female solo travellers, of all ages, are doing it long term. I guess my questions are, “Are there more female solo travellers than men? Or, is it that females are blogging about it more then the males?” In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter to me personally, it’s just interesting to see the amount of adventurers out there both female and male.

What I do find interesting is that if you are of “old school” thinking….then this is what would apply to you: “If a girl can do it, why can’t you?”

If you are a female reading this, let this be your first step to inspiration of knowing that there are a lot of solo female travellers out there.

What truly matters and should be an inspiration for all is that there are people of all ages, sexes, and cultures traveling long term and creating their own adventures and journeys. And, this is not a new concept.

What’s holding you back?
Yes, I know…..job, kids, finances, security, house, rent, etc….

What if I told you I know the secret to doing it?
Do I have your attention now?   Good….I’m going to reveal the secret soon!

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