Maple Ridge, BC….part 2

Maple Ridge, BC….part 2

Over the past month and a half of living and exploring Maple Ridge,
here is what I have discovered…

(Don’t want to read stories?  Only want to see pictures, including the ones I didn’t post but are all part of Maple Ridge?  Go here:  A Visual Experience by me!)

The iconic Clock Tower with a Horse

Donated in 1989, “The Beast”, as it is known by, is made of aluminum spare parts.  It’s approximately the same size as a real horse, but has been standing still for a few years now due to mechanic problems and a possible safety risk to the public. Apparently one of it’s hooves fell off…a couple times.  Video


IMG_1225aBandstand / Gazebo – I love the layout of this area! The bandstand is the main focal point. It’s surround by the Public Library on the left, the ACT (Art Centre Theatre) behind it, the Leisure Centre sits directly to the right, and the various small store fronts are located in front (behind the camera).


The Leisure Centre is an impressive facility with friendly and helpful staff.

I tried a drop-in Archery session one Sunday evening in their huge full sized gymnasium. It was a lot of fun and something different!  

Although it was Beginner’s Luck for the most part… I’m sooooo going to brag!  I hit the bullseye a few times….. with my left hand.  I’m right handed.   However, after a while I think the arrows were getting scared because they started missing the target, lol.  Oh well, it was a cool experience.

Billy Miner Ale House & Who is Billy Miner?

William (Bill) Miner -The first train robber in Canada. He was also known as the “Gentleman Bandit” because of his good manners while committing his crimes.  More about him can be found here: The Canadian Encyclopedia 

William (Bill) Miner Picture courtesy of  City of Vancouver Archives 

St. Andrew’s Heritage Church Hall
built in 1888

This was a section of the original church hall.

IMG_0885aMaple Ridge Museum & World Class Model Railway – although the museum its fairly small, it contains the history of it’s people and cultures.

Located in the basement, an impressive World Class working Model Train Diorama – The museum had an open-house, featuring this work of art.   I blogged about it here 


The Dyke – located on the north side, where its very common to see people walking, cycling, kayaking and having their dogs retrieving.  Great views of the mountains too!  

Port Haney Wharf

Although I went by myself and was snapping photos everywhere, I later discovered a map you can follow, called the Port Haney Heritage Walk


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