Merritt Island – Black Point Wildlife Drive

Merritt Island – Black Point Wildlife Drive

from my Kayaking Adventure  

Merritt Island – Black Point Wildlife Drive

I had to snicker and yet feel bad for this one particular guy on the trail.

He had one of those huge 2’ zoom lenses and 5’ tripod attached to his camera, along with carrying a backpack which I can only assume was more camera gear. He was decked out with all the expensive gear and looking the part of a professional photographer. As we chatted, he was very adamant that it was next to impossible to photograph a King Fisher, because he’s been trying for years. He was quite disappointed and went on to say that the King Fisher just never sits still long enough.

5 minutes later, I snapped a few photos of this quiet little bird….Yes, a King Fisher 

I didn’t have the heart to go and find that guy to show him what my point & shoot camera captured.

A little further down the trail, look at those pearly white teeth!


More photos of the wildlife can be found here
A Visual Experience 

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