Messin’ with Sasquatch

Messin’ with Sasquatch

Messing’ with Sasquatch!  

Armed with Jack Link’s Beef Jerk, an opened Kokanee and my camera in hand…..I was set to capture this elusive creature! 

IMG_2205aWhen I first heard that Harrison Hot Springs in BC was known, not just for the hot springs, but was also a hotbed for sasquatch sighings, I definitely had to go check it out.

Sigh… unfortunately it was cold, rained all day and the wind wouldn’t let up.  Looks like I’ll have to save my Squatching for another day.  

I don’t truly believe they actually exist, however I’m open minded enough to explore the  possibility that they might.  So, on that note…if anyone wants to go Sasquatch hunting (cameras only), I’m game…errr….I’ll give it another go!

Want to know more about Harrison Hot Springs and their Sasquatch sightings….. start here: Tourism Harrison Hot Springs   


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