Mike Ranta & Spitzii along with David Jackson

Mike Ranta & Spitzii along with David Jackson

Lake Winnipeg, Gimli Manitoba

Let me introduce you to by buddy, Mike Ranta & his faithful companion Spitzii. These two characters are today’s modern day voyageurs. Along for the adventure is the expedition’s photojournalist, David Jackson, who in his own right is definitely an adventurer.

So here’s what’s happened, Mike has not only canoed Canada from coast to coast, he’s done it twice! As a result of these great paddles, he’s the world record holder of having done it solo and having completing the trip in a single season.

Photojournalist & Adventurer – David Jackson

So what’s he doing in Lake Winnipeg near Gimli? He’s in the middle of canoeing Canada for a Third time! Along for the adventure is David, who has joined Mike & Spitzii from the beginning of this adventure.

Back on April 1st 2017, they began their journey in Bella Bella BC and headed east through the rockies. I can’t give away any of their stories, because let’s face it, its theirs to tell at the end of the adventure. I will say, they had to endure solitude, relentless elements, nature, wildlife, food & water shortage, and other adventures within their adventure.

Live location updates – Mike is carrying a beacon which tracks his every movement. Go to his website and locate this whereabouts on his map and if you get an opportunity….go meet the the three companions while they paddle Canada! I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t pass up on a good cold beer either.

You can read about Mike’s & Spitzii’s previous journey through his website and be sure to check out his book. Oh, and check out the baby moose he saved in during his last adventure – video here: Baby Moose Rescue

Mike Ranta & Spitzii – www.mikeranta.ca 
David Jackson – www.davidjacksonphoto.com 

ps. Once this paddle adventure is done, he is far from done. Follow him on the social medias and be the first to see what he does next!

Mike and I exchanging gifts.






2 thoughts on “Mike Ranta & Spitzii along with David Jackson

  1. So glad you got to meet up with Mike, David and Spitzii. In addition to 2 coast to coast paddles across Canada, in 2011, Mike and Spitzii paddled from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta to Montreal, Quebec – 5200 km in 132 days along the traditional voyageur route – a world record for solo canoeing at the time.

  2. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Mike and Spitzii on the coast of Lake Superior on all of thier expeditions. Each time has been a great experience, Mike and Spitzii bring with them such positive energy & leave folks with a smile and a truest Canadian experience everywhere they go!
    I look forward to seeing Canada’s last Voyageur again this year along Canada’s historic Lake Superior water trail, if winds ever let them get to Ontario!

    Jayson, I look forward to meeting you some day on one of your adventures, shake your hand and share a turkey Canadian storie!

    Paddles up!

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