Mixed Feelings: Good to be Home

Mixed Feelings: Good to be Home

Jayson D. Ambrose, One Canadian's JourneyIt’s strange that I have mixed feelings about being back home in Canada.

It probably has to do with… I wasn’t ready to come back yet. The kayaking adventure was so far from over when it ended abruptly.

All those amazing experiences and meeting sooo many wonderful people, who I was a complete stranger, but they opened their arms and treated me like a best friend and even a family member. You all are missed by me already. 

However, on the other hand, when my plane landed back in Canada, it felt good to be back home where all my family & friends had been waiting my return.  

And the one thing I can’t brag enough about to people … I love my country for the vast amount of  adventures from coast to coast that wait for me!

During the next few weeks, the rest of the kayaking stories will pop up, and while that is happening…I’ve already been out on more adventures
and preparing more stories & photos for you.


… who knows, maybe our paths will cross… 😉

My name is Jayson, and I’m just some guy who loves exploring and meeting people

…this is…

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