Monkey Tosses Kayaker into the Water!

Monkey Tosses Kayaker into the Water!

Kayaking through Blue Springs State Park  – Florida

Having come around the river bend, some guy was completely drenched in water while sitting in his kayak. On the shore and among the trees were wild monkeys …. pointing and laughing.  Actually, other kayakers were pointing and laughing too.

What had happened …. the guy was on a sit-on-top kayak when he got a little too close to a baby monkey at the water’s edge. The mother monkey took exception to the close proximity, she screamed and charged at the kayak. The guy panicked and rolled into the water.  The mother grabbed the baby and scrabbled up the tree.

Eventually a few monkeys returned to the shoreline while the kayakers kept their distance.

Further down the river, an alligator lay in the water motionless, but with its eyes looking directly above.  A few small monkeys were on the tree, looking down and screaming at the alligator.  Eventually an adult monkey came to their rescue and guided them away and onto a different tree.  The alligator swam away.


The camera I used to take these photos: Click here

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