Museum – World-Class Model Railway Diorama

Museum – World-Class Model Railway Diorama

Have you ever been to a museum and shouted in horror,  “Hey! What’s all my stuff doing in here!?”  

Please share your stories in the comments!  I’d love to hear about them. 

Maple Ridge Museum, BC

Geez, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Looking over at one of the display cases with the various generations of telephones that had been used over time, I almost cried when I saw a cellphone from the early 2000’s. Geez….how old am I?! I wanted to bolt out of there before they put me in a display case….sigh.

IMG_0885aThe reason I was checking out the museum was because of their open-house, which was  featuring a working world-class model railway.  

It’s actually a creation that took over 25+ years, by The Dewdney-Alouette Railway Society (DARS).  

Seeing all working parts and details that went into this was amazing.  For example, peering into the windows of the model buildings, you’ll see that great detail went into making the furniture, people, store supplies and everything else that represents the building you’re viewing.  

There was so much to see!
Here’s a Welder (flickering light!)…… and a Motorcycle Mechanic Shop. 

IMG_0872aIt was definitely pretty neat to see how they used old black and white photographs (On display for you to compare) as references to build sections, representing the Port Haney area at the height of the railway logging era of the 1920’s. 



IMG_0902aThere was such a vast amount of visual information to take in that it’s one of those places you’d have to visit a couple times just to see what you missed.

**more photos here – A Visual Experience 



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