My existence was to torment him….

My existence was to torment him….

Dad believes my existence was to torment him….

Man, that guy never smiled… The only time he smiled is when he had chores for my 3 brother and I.

I was 13 or 14 at the time and the day was just getting started.  My dad was about to work a double shift and for some unreasonable reason, he wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to become “bored”.  I was a kid, what could possible go wrong?

So there we are in the backyard.  He had lots of rocks piled up in one corner, a couple bags of cement mix, and topsoil.  He came up with this brilliant idea to have me build him a rock garden.  But! … He was horrible when it came to explaining or giving instructions … and that wasn’t something I was about to exploit to the fullest.

In his mind he was picturing a beautiful display in the middle of the backyard.  But!…That’s not how he explained it.  Oh I knew what he was trying to say, but this time I was going to follow his instructions to the T.

He worked his double shift, came home and went to bed.  When he woke up, he went to checkout his new rock garden.

Instead of a planter made out of rocks, cement, and filled with soil inside…All he saw was topsoil covering up a 3’ high x 4′ wide pyramid of cemented rocks.

It was the work of a creative genius! He didn’t think so.…Man, that guy never smiled.

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