My kids are trying to get me killed…

My kids are trying to get me killed…

There are certain activities you may have done in the past and therefore it should be easy to do again.  As you get older you look at it in a different light and tend to say, “Nope, that’ll get me killed.”  And if your kids dare or double dare you, you can back out of it.  But if they say, “Come on dad, give it a try.  Don’t you love us?”…yup, they’re out to get you killed…

A month ago my sons and I went to the swimming pool…and that’s when it all started.  “Come on dad, don’t you love us?”…So there I am at the top of the 5m (16’ 5”) diving platform thinking to myself, “This sure is a lot higher than what I remember as kid doing twists and flips twice as high…and ..My ex must have put them up to this..”

Down on the deck beside the lifeguard are my sons hoping my life insurance is up to date. Actually, kids don’t even care about that, they just want to see you get killed. But looking at their beautiful smiles, I couldn’t back out now.  After all I’m their dad who is not scared of anything…geez, they remembered that too.

I must have looked down 6-7 times and each time I recited the Lord’s Pray.  Didn’t help to ease the fear let me tell you.

It was now or never (hoping for never).  At 200lbs of pure solid muscle, I jumped and hit the water at full force.  It hurt, but I did it!

I came up for air, looked at my kids. What was with the “look”? You know the “look” kids give you when you’re embarrassing them in front of their friends…One son, “Dad, don’t do that again. Tossing yourself over… looking like Mr. Bean….sooo not cool dad.”

Phht, I am still  soooo cool.

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