New to the Area – Tips!

New to the Area – Tips!

Being new to the area, which will be my home for the next several months, I have joined a few local groups to get out and participate, which helps with making new friends, seeing and doing what the locals enjoy doing, as well as gaining knowledge of the surrounding areas. Locals know of all the great places!

Why should you join a local photography group? Did you know that most photography groups go on Field Trips, which means – Exploring! Sight Seeing! Adventure! New Areas! … and … each member is a local! That means you have access to a wide range of knowledge! Each member can point you in the right direction of amazing sights to explore.  And they’ll give you tips to enhance your photography skills.

Fraser River, Abbotsford BC

A couple other groups I joined involve the website Meetup. Lots of groups with various interests to check out! My first time participating in a group activity involved going on a hike along the Fraser River in Abbotsford, BC. Although I enjoyed the various aspects of it, it had me thinking….

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