Ocean Kayak Scared of Water: Flips Over Three Times

Ocean Kayak Scared of Water: Flips Over Three Times

kayak, Destin, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, LivingHaving entered The Gulf of Mexico at Destin Florida, not only was it making me a little nervous with the waves crashing down on me, it was totally exhilarating!

It was an amazing experience paddling the blue clear water and glimpsing down to see the bottom between the crashing waves. I was soaked! However, the water was warm and refreshing at the same time. It was a well needed break from the relentless rays of the sun.

We had a 3 1/2 mile fight against the waves, swells, wind and current…I was exhausted but still loving the moment of being there. At one point, a huge sea turtle stuck its head out of the water to observe my struggles. Just before he disappeared into the water, I’m pretty sure he, “Tisk-tisk”, and shook his head in disbelief. He wasn’t the only one though. A search and rescue helicopter came pretty close to check us out too.  

Gulf of Mexico, Ocean, Kayak, GearIt was time to make our approach and get onto the beautiful white sandy beach!  I positioned myself in the direction of the shoreline and with the waves, trying to make sure my kayak doesn’t end up sideways, which would give the crashing waves the perfect opportunity to put me in the ol’ spin cycle….…. Ugh! Too Late!!!… A huge wave picked me up, tossed me to another huge wave and just like a Football Quarterback, that wave threw me and my kayak in the perfect spiral spin to the next wave, which totally fumbled me.

So there I was, upside down in the crashing waves, thinking, “Oh boy, this sucks”, because I lost my sunglasses in the process. Oh, and it tasted horrible! “cough cough gag”

Out of the kayak and holding on, the waves pushed me to shore, where a family of 4 assisted with dragging the drowned kayak onto shore.

According my GPS, at one point I had traveled 8.7 miles / hour. Ya, kayaks were not meant to go that fast. The Quarterback Wave proved that theory wrong.  

kayak, ocean, beach, sand, gearThis is were we stayed the night, on the open white sandy beach, under the blanket of bright stars. Although most of my gear was soaked, the weather was beautiful.

The next morning we decided that we would backtrack to Destin and proceed on the ICW until it was absolutely necessary to get back on The Gulf.

But first, we would have to get into our kayaks and enter the Defensive Linebackers of Waves who would do their best to keep us from getting back onto the water…..ugh.

Trying to time the waves and when my attempt might be successful… ya, I blew it twice. Flipped over both times. Now I was frustrated and thinking, “Who’s dumb idea was it to kayak for 15 months?”…ugh!

My third and final attempt to get into my kayak and get past the relentless incoming crashing waves of 3 – 4 feet….. Success!

Having flipped over three times, it was plainly obvious, my kayak was new to the sport, so it was scared of water. Poor thing.

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