OCJ’s Photo Tips!

OCJ’s Photo Tips!

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Top 5 Very Basic Photography Tips
& additional information! 

These 5 tips will help enhance your creative skills, even if you don’t have any because they are Super Easy to remember and do!  

But you should know – you DON’T need an expensive camera. What you do need is a positive attitude and the enthusiasm to learn a few simple tips & tricks.


Fill the frame to cut out excessive noise. In other words, Close the Distance between you and your subject, either physically or by zooming in.

Zooming in will help cut out the excessive background noise that is often way too distracting, making your photo look boring and amateurish. You can have the most beautiful subject in your photo, but with background noise it will instantly kill it.

Try this simple, yet very effective exercise:

With your subject matter in front of you:

  1. Take a picture as you normally would
  2. Zoom in …. take a picture
  3. (repeat step 2)
  4. (repeat step 3)

Now go over your photos and decide which photo is your favourite? 9 out of 10 times – it wont be your first photo. I bet it’ll be one of the photos you took in step 2, 3, or 4. No, it doesn’t work every time, but 9 out of 10 times is pretty amazing odds!

These candle holders were in front of me at the time I was writing this, and here is a perfect demo of zooming in to capture something more creative. As you can see, by cutting out the excessive background, the candle holders show off their beauty.

Yes, this even works with Landscape photos! “Zoom in” on the landscape, cutting out the excessive landscape on the sides that are too distracting.


Try looking at the subject from different angles. Most people are stuck on shooting photos from a direct front approach. Shot your photos from Angles & Diagonals to give it more movement & drama.

Think about it, would it be better to shoot from…

Side approach?
Raising your camera way above your head and shoot downwards?
How about squatting down and taking a photo looking up?
Combination approach? Squatting down & to the side?

What I’m getting at is, the direct front approach can be stagnate and boring. Mix it up a little and have fun with the angles & diagonals, it’ll amaze you how creative you and photos will be come!

Avoid putting your subject dead center of the photo. Place your subject off center by using the Rule of Thirds: (google images: rule of thirds … It will give you a visual of the meaning)

Turn your camera Vertical or Horizontal – don’t get stuck in the same position all the time. If you normally shoot horizontal, try vertical. Or vice-versa. Trying a different position helps with creativity, which tends to bring out the best in you and your photos! And, you can always crop your photos later.

Determines the length of time a camera shutter is open to expose light into the camera sensor. If the shutter speed is fast, it can help to freeze those actions shots, like a dog shaking water off its back and you can see every water drop. If the shutter speed is slow, it can create an motion blur, where moving objects such as a water fall appears blurred along the direction of the travel, while everything else stays in focus.

Choose your shutter speed accordingly and your photos will come to life!

…additional helpful information I have compiled for you…

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