Othello Tunnels in Hope BC (part II)

Othello Tunnels in Hope BC (part II)

While you were sleeping…I was already out exploring!  

IMG_2917aAbsolutely Amazing to have these tunnels
all to myself!  

Standing alone, in and around the tunnels, soaking in the sights & sounds while feeling the history of it all. I was getting lost in the moment of the environment without any distractions,  it was really an amazing feeling that I don’t know how to explain. 

At one point, I stood in the middle of a tunnel and waited for a few seconds, hoping my eyes would adjust to the darkness, listening to the echoes of the dripping water.  A little eery, but very cool!  (I’m glad no one said “hello”…..I would have soiled my shorts)  Also, how many people actually get to stand in the tunnels alone, and just listen?  

Once you’re past the tunnels, there are a couple trails to walk.  The one I took was approx. 3 km (round trip) of a fairly flat and straight forward path.

Check-out the many more photos I took that day – A Visual Experience

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  1. The photos are amazing. You captured some of the edginess perfectly. They look like they could be haunted :/ your brilliant at capturing the beauty around you.

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