Parrots & The Stinky Island

Parrots & The Stinky Island

kayaking, oceanAccording to my GPS, it had shown a Marina nearby. As we pulled up, it was obvious that this was not what we had expected. See, what the GPS failed to mention was that this place was a private resort.

Speaking with the Dock Master, he had made arrangements with the higher-ups to allow us stay on the resort’s island, which was connected by a small walking bridge.

People’s curiosity was no different here than other places we had stayed. We chatted with several staff & local vacationers, shared a few stories and laughs. We had met some really nice people.

island, campingBy nightfall, we headed to the island in the dark to set up our tents. There was’t a lot of room among the brush & trees and there was one very distinct smell that would haunt us throughout the night…. a rotting dead animal.

We never did find where it was coming from, but geez, it was nasty. I think the smell stayed in my nose hairs for the rest of the day…ugh, fun.

The next morning, we were more than ready to pack up and leave this island.

Eating breakfast at their outdoor restaurant, nowhere near the island, it was a treat to see and “speak” with 2 of their local residence…. The Macaw was the loudest and wouldn’t shut-up, lol.

After breakfast, it was time to head out….

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